About the Program

Guiding You Through Fleet Electrification

The National Grid MA Fleet Advisory Services Program provides free, expert analysis to help you understand how shifting publicly owned vehicle fleets to electric power sources can benefit your organization and your community.

We offer personalized guidance and comprehensive knowledge every step of the way. Here's how it works:

  1. We'll assign you an expert advisor in fleet electrification.
  2. Your trusted advisor will conduct a thorough analysis of your fleet’s make-up.
  3. You’ll get a customized report highlighting the impact of electrification on your fleet, including productivity and efficiency, fuel costs, operational and maintenance costs, and carbon footprint.
  4. We'll walk you through personalized recommendations about which types of electric vehicles (EVs) will have the greatest impact on your bottom line, your community, and the environment.
  5. We'll help you find financial assistance to help offset the costs of electrification.

Why Switch to EVs?

EVs can help cut down on operations and maintenance costs. That's because they are more efficient, less expensive to fuel, and require less maintenance over time.
EVs don't produce any tailpipe emissions, which means cleaner air in your community.
EVs are broadly incentivized by state and federal agencies. Our experts can connect you with the type of financial assistance that is right for you.

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